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Time To Recharge!

Time to Recharge! I remember several years ago my 16U Fast-Pitch Softball Team had just went 4-1 on the weekend with the University of Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, LSU, MORE college scouts watching our team play (scouting looking for players). I walked out to leave the park, climbed into my 2006 Hummer and […]

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Recently a member walked into my office in Buford GA with a polo shirt on with his company logo and name on the shirt. It made no mention of HIS name or a USP. Just a company name and logo that offered NO benefit and sure did not indicate what sort of business he was […]

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BEER! Luxury Marketing At Its Best!

In the spirit of “Oktoberfest”, I thought this would be a great story to share. I get emails and calls quite often from Platinum Members asking for help to increase their average selling price; this in hopes of increasing profits. They may say something like, my average price is $200K, I really need to get […]

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You, Your Business and Your Future.

You MUST make things happen vs letting things happen. Same for your admin and agents. Your whole team! Your routine = your results. Want more results? Add MORE to your routine. LOTS MORE! Something BIG I copied and implemented from Craig Proctor early in my career was to have a written process for everything, a […]

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Your Business Compared to Disney – DOMINATE – CONTROL YOUR FUTURE!

Should you Compete or Dominate in the Real Estate Industry? Each month I write a short newsletter for our agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty around the topic of POSITIONING, but maybe you don’t know why I dedicate a whole newsletter to this ONE topic monthly. Let me explain and use Disney to help […]

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Different is Better than Better

“There must be specific and unique reasons for doing business with you and continuing to do business with you, versus anywhere else.” Is there a unique rationale for your customer being with you versus anybody else’s businesses? Businesses without or unable to sustain this almost always die abruptly or by slow, painful, torturous ends. It […]

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