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Your Routine = Your Results – Time Management

Today I want to touch upon time management. Oftentimes, time management is overlooked when it is one of the most important habits in growing your Real Estate business. Your routine is a direct correlation with your results. If you don’t like the results you’re getting, most likely it’s because of how you’re MANAGING YOUR TIME.

Sarah Reynolds, a #1 agent in Virginia that I have coached for years and is part of the Quantum Leap System, shared an experience with me years ago that her business was declining. She is good at tracking her numbers and does it on a daily basis as we teach here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, and she was looking at her numbers and noticed business was declining and they weren’t growing compared to the year before. She told me and said it just like this, “I am flipping out, Todd!”

As we were on the phone, I asked her again how she was spending her time, her daily time. I asked her if she was working “ON” her Real Estate business or working “IN” it? She thought about it and thought about her daily routine and mentioned she spent too much time on managerial activities and not the Rainmaker activities. The Entrepreneurial growing, business stuff! And she told me how she was going to change her routine immediately. Sarah told me later how her business went up considerably by the end of the year! Great job, Sarah, working “ON” your Real Estate business instead of being “IN” it all the time!

If you’re not getting the result you are looking for, it is most likely due to the way you’re spending your time. It’s no one else’s fault; it’s essential to hold yourself accountable and focus on the things that will make you QUANTUM LEAPS! You can do this! It’s an incredible industry we are in; now, go help more people buy and sell the awesome place they call HOME!

Tips for Effective Time Management:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Work “ON” your business, instead of being “IN” it all the time – this will make you Quantum Leaps in your Real Estate business!
  3. Plan ahead, but don’t plan too much and get overwhelmed with planning, organizing, and not doing.
  4. Set goals correctly.
  5. Set goals that are achievable and measurable.
  6. Prioritize wisely.
  7. Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency.
  8. Set a time limit to complete a task.
  9. Organize yourself.
  10. Remove non-essential tasks/activities.
  11. Set up a routine with good habits and remove bad ones.

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