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Our Proven Coaching Process: Private Disciplines

My experience is that most people are on a happiness quest, not a truth quest. That’s ok. I know as a coach and leader that happiness, true long term sustainable happiness, is found in what is real, true, principled. I bet most reading this have discovered the same.

There are real true principles to build your business and life on. If you violate those rock-solid principles, it is equal to building on sand. Your business may stand for a bit, but when a storm comes, like a recession, new competition, or personal life change, your business will not stand and will come crashing down.

A rock-solid WISE strategy you have heard me pass on to you is never to tell anyone something that we can show them (demonstration). And, obviously you can only show something that you have.

In our system and company, nothing is theory or Ideas! All is what works based on Money Making Principles of Attracting and Repelling and proven by personal experience, built on ROCKS not SAND.

We reject and teach against Shiny New Object Syndrome. We are either doing it or have done it and can teach, coach, guide and lead from a position of authority.

I am amazed at the vast number of agents that choose to follow and even pay big money to those who have not done it. I read a claim recently from a trainer where he claimed to be the worlds #1 Real Estate Coach but in fact has never had a real estate license, meaning he has never sold a house, booked an appointment, succeeded and failed with a listing presentation, follow up system, negotiating commissions, recruiting, hiring and training a team of ISA’s and OSA’s, etc. etc.

I can only guess that he is good at taking others experiences and sharing them, hoping they are real honest to successful goodness experiences. As I have said, just about every real estate trainer and brokerage CAN teach you how to sell a house, but WE are the only ones with a system showing you how to build a business.

The purpose of our training, teaching, and coaching is not to simply dispense information. We must TEACH for a response. We must teach for ‘change.’

Growth, both personally or professionally, requires change! There are 5 Ways to do this:

Practical Teaching

Private Disciplines

Personal Sharing

Prosperous Relationships

Pivotal Circumstances

Let’s drill down on one of these methods: Private Disciplines.

Private disciplines are daily rituals of working on your business vs. in it all the time.

Your Routine = Your Results. To help agents in our system better develop their Private Disciplines, focus on the 3 P’s: Priority, Progressive, Percentage.

Priority: ‘Is what I am doing right now making me a Quantum Leap’?

Progressive: Concerted effort to give up more of the stuff that an assistant can do. Those things where you will not change the outcome. (Beginner: give up inputting listings. Advanced: give up working with buyers to make more calls to get more appointments).

Percentage: What percent of time a day is spent doing the things that get the biggest results: Recruiting, Training, Working on Marketing, cherry picking leads, and appointments.

A frequent issue presented to me by agents is Time Management. Which of course, there is no such thing. You can’t manage TIME. You can, however, manage and control how you invest your time and what you invest your time in and/or on. Hopefully, you see clearly now that the first principle is DISCIPLINE. Next is seeing all you do as an investment. And as with any investment, it will yield BIG ROI or continue the status quo or worse, allow for any old storm, maybe even a light rain wash away what you are building.

How are you doing with your Private Disciplines?

Go Serve Big!

When you put others first, you will never be second!

Todd Walters

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