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Thank You – Guaranteed Cash Offer

We received your request for a Guaranteed Cash Offer on Your Home at a Price Agreeable to You!*

Based on the address and owners name you provided, our custom software is researching homes that have sold in your area, comparing those properties to yours to arrive at a market value price range.

The market value price range is used in determining offering prices.

If there appears to be inaccurate or incomplete data that we feel may adversely affect your valuation and an acceptable offer, an area specialist will contact you for further information about your home.

This is so you can receive the best possible offer with the least amount of hassle and within a day of receiving the best most accurate information about your home.

Thank you!

If you would like to speak to an area specialist about the sale of your home, please call or email us directly:

E-mail: [javascript protected email address]

Phone: 678-894-9744

Thank you and Go Serve Big!!!

*some properties due to unavailability of property information may not receive a guaranteed cash offer.