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Let me share a story that made me a little frustrated many years ago. I was the number one agent in our office, and my broker came busting into the office and said to me, “Todd, you’re not going to believe this; we just had a mortgage company inform us they’re going to pay us every month, X number of dollars. And I’m thinking to myself, why are they paying you? You guys aren’t the ones selling real estate, and I’m the number one real estate agent at the brokerage. So how come they’re not paying me? So I get a little agitated on the situation, I must say, and I call up the mortgage company owner, set up a meeting at their offices, and walk out with a $2,500 check that recurred monthly for years. And then it compounded into a lot more income from closing attorneys, title companies, insurance companies, home warranty companies, and more. So, according to this mortgage company, I was the first real estate agent in the marketplace to receive money from a mortgage company. This concept of using other people’s money helps business grow and it’s an awesome concept.

It is a win/win shared marketing program that works seamlessly at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. Agents are implementing this, and it’s great for the vendors and the agents. It’s a win/win and the BIGGEST PLUS, the ultimate purpose, is to help more customers; we call them Lifetime Customers! Helping more customers buy and sell the extraordinary place they call HOME!

Now, this is not a foreign concept. This shared marketing concept exists outside of the real estate industry. Every day, businesses use this concept! For example, look at Elon Musk, he uses this concept. He doesn’t make the electric car. He’s not doing the engineering work, but he’s able to generate capital and produce a whole fleet of electric cars. Many understand this concept and the tremendous benefits from it. We implement this at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and routinely receive income and money from outside sources.

For the agents, the pay plans, the monthly fees are paid by vendors. Customers pay the transaction fees. So you, the real estate agent, really don’t pay anything. You just generate profits. And that’s the way it works outside of the industry as a norm and standard. Yet inside the industry, it’s not so normal. So we take great pride in being able to help agents with this concept legally, safely, and professionally so that everyone benefits, the agent, the vendor, and especially the client. Watch the video with Jason Boccinfuso below on OPM, Other People’s Money, sharing his PHENOMENAL success stories on the shared marketing OPM program. Enjoy!


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