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You MUST make things happen vs letting things happen. Same for your admin and agents. Your whole team! Your routine = your results. Want more results? Add MORE to your routine. LOTS MORE!

Something BIG I copied and implemented from Craig Proctor early in my career was to have a written process for everything, a plan that was to be the routine. Everything written, then gets set up in your operating system as an activity plan. What is it you want to accomplish? What is your plan for that?? That is how it worked. But, there’s more to it than you may think.

The obvious example is when you take a listing. First, you find the prospect in your CRM. You then set up a listing for that prospect and launch a new listing plan for that property.

Now, every day, your team comes in and turns the computer on, their schedule tells them what to do and when to do it. This automatically prioritizes the priorities and bakes into the business 5-star customer service. Working from a pre-configured well thought out activity plan, consisting of everything that should get done, guaranteeing great results.

The issue with the example above is that most listing plans DO NOT CONSIST OF MORE. Example – creating ads – not one ad – ads using that property and running them in multiples of places every day – video, blogs, ads, online, offline, list of homes like that, etc. Most agents activity plan is to sell the home. RICH agents activity plan is to use the home to create multiples of flows of prospects. The PLAN/Routine is a direct result of thinking.

The not so obvious example of written processes turned into action plans would be something like the onboarding process for a new agent. You may onboard your new agent, but the plan is missing activities like promoting the fact that you added MORE people to your company and WHY they came, in video, and text – over multiples of platforms, newsletters, etc. To draw attention to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS – vs- hiring a new agent and training them to handle prospects. You got to do both – all – and more. Much more.

Or the daily Social Media Marketing Plans, or you’re built into the business personal brand building by being helpful and friendly providing information to your intended audiences. All of it for the majority of agents consists of only doing a few things, one thing, maybe two or three. Maybe.

This thinking of a few things WILL NOT WORK if you are super serious about achieving your hearts-desire. It takes massive actions – quantum leap actions – to be a serious player.

Another point is your work ethic. You cannot allow your competition to outwork you. Ever! Your future self WILL have regrets, and your present business will suffer if you do not approach your day and weeks with an extreme attitude about work. I’m not advocating working 12 hours a day seven days a week, although you should be willing to do that if that’s what is necessary for a period of time to accomplish what is most important to you.

You know my personal story of losing my first business at the age of 21, being bankrupt, having to sell my house and move into my father-n-laws basement. I owed it to my wife to get up every day and work all day, every day to get out of that situation. I owed it to my grandmother who loaned me $40,000. I owed it to my family, my father-in-law. I owed it to my customers who do not want to work with a loser or failure. I owed it to ME and my future ME – which is Me now, and the Me to come.

The bottom line here is to be willing to outwork everyone. So GO HARD 6 days a week. 7 if need be. Look, Old biblical scripture says that God went hard 6 days a week. New Testament Scripture has Christ doing 7 days. I don’t think that is in there by accident. Government work – average – says 40 hours a week with lots of holidays along the way. If you aren’t into the scriptures, so what – it does not change the facts. Be willing to do what most are not doing.

If you are going to be a super successful business, you must cater to your customers in an over the top way. You do recall our Sunday Tour of Homes system right? By that, you should know that our business did not shut down for days at a time. ALERT: IT NEVER SHUT DOWN! I was able to go hard, build one of the most successful real estate sales team businesses in history, make millions of dollars in commissions, sell thousands and thousands of homes, and take vacations, go fishing, hunting and coach travel softball playing 70 games a year. But even when I was on vacation, I did not abandon my work/responsibilities. I was thinking about it, reading about it, writing about it, on the phone working deals. You CAN walk and chew gum at the same time… right?

Do not be influenced by anyone who tells you to slow down, you are doing too much, to take time to smell the roses and all that crap. That advice comes from people who are not overachievers and usually is being told to justify their own lack of productivity and achievement of something big.

You have to know that it’s not hours worked per say, it’s what happens during the hours worked – why I started this blog off as I did (built-in quantum leap actions into every activity plan). My definition of work is producing something. Otherwise, you are taking something. Again when you are working, you are either producing something, or you are taking something – both take the same amount of time/work. There is no such thing as wasting time. Wasting time is, in fact, taking time from someone. Just like an admin who is at work, but on the internet shopping for themselves – taking time from you and your customers.

Confusing activity with productivity is something you must identify. Not all activity is productive. So build productivity into your business by implementing written processes that happen via your CRM at each step in every system – FOCUSED on the quantum leap activities.

How important is your family? How about your future? If you place the level of importance you say on it, then you will right now take massive action to ensure your future self will not have regrets.

So what is the best way to get more done each day? Well, I never met a super successful business without employees. Have you? The bigger the success, the more people they have produced something. BIG GIANT CLUE for you in those words.

Since no one reading, this has a real issue with work ethic, then the reason MORE does not get accomplished is because work is being done on the wrong things as a priority. You must PRIORITIZE the PRIORITIES of working ON the business vs in it all the dadgum time.

So gain clarity first. Clarity on your BIG WHY/Vision. Then clarity on WHAT to do and how to get it done. For me, the easiest and fastest way to gain clarity on what to do and how to get it done is to show up for ALL of the coaching sessions AND network often with the super successful. This will severely cut down on the time to learn and do; a massive shortcut!

If it were me, I would bake into my routine these things first. If I’m looking at a blank schedule with a lot of white space, I’m going to start by filling in scheduled coaching sessions. Here it is if I’m a Platinum Member:

  • Daily at 8:30 am – I will watch a 15 min video(s) on sales or management or marketing or business building. I get these from any number of places in the Platinum webinar library and file libraries. Don’t just check the boxes off on attendance on our sessions as a spectator – watch, learn, write down to do’s and objectives, and… implement. This will require going back and watching again… and again these training sessions (See Platinum Webinar Library).
  • Monday at 11 am is the Help Line with Craig.
  • Tuesday at 4:00 pm is the Platinum Webinar with TW.
  • Thursday at 11 am is the Role Play Clinic with James.
  • Friday at 11 am in the Marketing Clinic with CP, TW and James.
  • No less than once a quarter, I am at a 3 day CP Conference.
  • In addition to that I have scheduled twice a month 30 min sessions with my coach or a super successful member/mentor – both.
  • In addition to that, I have 30 mins scheduled in daily to network with Platinum members on the Platinum Private FB page.
  • At night I read or watch a business/self-help book/video – for 30 mins.
  • On my commute anywhere, I’m on the phone with prospects, customers, vendors, clients OR listening to sales training/book.

Sounds like a lot of time learning? Add up the hours here: It’s about 10 hours a week on LEARNING what to do and how to get it done. I can’t imagine wanting a world-class business that my family deserves, that my future self will thank me for, and then NOT investing time into discovering, learning, daily, regularly on what to do and how to get it done (gaining clarity).

What this does is create a habit of learning, programs my brain to think bigger, focus on the outcomes and goals, AND set an example for anyone I’m asking to follow me.

Or… you can do pretty much what the majority of people do in the world today. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to bed. Repeat: Pretending the activity will result in something BIG. This is called – AVERAGE.

I choose massive actions and productivity. Me, my family, my clients, my people, and my future – deserve IT and nothing less. How about you?

Go Serve Big!!!

Todd Walters

Millionaire Agent Maker

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