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Who Else Wants to Earn an Additional $1 Million in Income over the Next 12 Months?

A common question I get from agents is, “Todd, what is the one thing I can do to get X…”

My answer is usually in the form of a question. “Is there anything amazing in your life that required just ONE thing from you?” You will often hear me say that ONE only really works in marriage (committed to the one spouse). For business, it will be more than one thing, one action, one ad, one employee, etc.

Some time ago, I wrote up a checklist on how an agent can go from where they are right now to add over $1 Million in NEW commission income – within the next 12 months. I’m republishing it here below.

I also shot a video on this, where I detail the importance of doing the math and establishing a low standard metric into the pipeline.

I’m proud to say that the number of agents who grew their business over the last 12 months by $1 Million or more is NOT a small number. These ladies and gents are good implementors and understand formulas. A formula like – if I’m investing $1000 a month into an ad on Google that returns me $10,000 a month in income… if I invest $2,000 a month, I should get $20,000 returned if all other formulas are strictly adhered to in my business…

Why would an agent commit to growing their business beyond just them? Quite simply because they have MORE business than they can get to. Say you are running three paid ads on FB that are getting you 100 leads a month. It’s likely the agent will have more customers than they can personally service. So, what will they do? Stop running the ad or hire people and implement processes to service the overflow? Believe it or not, MOST agents – yes, a large majority – STOP running the ads. Others hire fast, end up with low lid employees and agents, and they lose money and time. Some… get it all right, enough to grow profitably.

I’m amazed at the vast numbers of agents who press forward with no real plan or System. It seems they are running their business on HOPE. Hope, as many have already discovered, is not a good business plan. There is absolutely NO need for the high level of failure agents have when they go down the road of growing their business beyond just themselves.

The move to make is to simply COPY others, WHO have achieved exactly what you MOST want to achieve. Say you want to have a business that NETS you $1 Million – after all expenses, a $1 Million+ NET profit business. You do this because you develop some belief it MUST happen because of X. That X – that vision/why/purpose – drives you to commit. And when you fully commit… failure is not an option.

The next move is to go find someone who has done it. You know for certain they have done it. And you convince them to be a mentor to you. Then you STUDY everything about their business, all details – exactly how they did it… do it. Herein lies the problem for you.

The number of real estate agents who have gone from zero or little to NET $1 Million in income business that has documented all of their processes into duplicatable systems – for you actually to copy and implement is few and far between. In my life, I found two.

The first was Marshall Redder, and I went to him in 1992. He was selling 350+ homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You have heard my story about that, where I learned 4 big things from Marshall. One of those was WHO he was hanging out with—that who was Craig Proctor. I worked my way into Craig’s life, and he became my real estate business Mentor-in-Chief.

There is ONLY one question to ask people when you are looking for advice on business, achieving your biggest goals. “Have you done what I most want to do?” In this case – “have you gone from zero or little to a net income of $1 Million a year selling real estate?” If the answer is no… there are NO other questions to ask that person in this area. ZERO. Do not take business advice from those who have not accomplished what you most want to achieve. Agents though are famous for simply looking around at those in their brokerage and copying them. “oh, I like that idea…” thinking I call it. Or “Shiny New Object Syndrome,” as Craig calls it.

Here is a fact before you have at the below checklist. The vast majority of people who get a real estate license place it at a brokerage they were referred to or knew someone there. Then as soon as they get there, begin looking around at what everyone else is doing and copy them. Then, at some point in the future, do one of three things:

1. They quit the business altogether.

2. They hit a ceiling of no more than 4 sales a month (48 annually) and accept the income feast or famine roller coaster as a way of life for real estate agents.

3. They look outside their brokerage for solutions to the issues they face.

I’m speculating 100% of all agents who have earned $1 Million or more/sell 100+ homes annually have and do look outside their brokerage for Plan, System, Model, Mentors. All I know have, including me. I see this as a real business opportunity to build a brokerage where agents DO NOT have to do that – so Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is born. My #1 issue is actually convincing agents it’s a real thing. Their paradigms are so deep on a Brokerage does not have all the answers, it’s tough to break through. For me, the perfect real estate company is one where ALL the solutions to every issue I face now and in the future for growing my real estate business to a Super Profitable Sales Team are at my fingertips on demand. Having to pay a Brokerage AND having to go outside and pay others for solutions to issues is, for some reason, a norm that most have accepted. If you study history, it wasn’t always this way.

I do understand that to pull off such a company of all solutions to issues an agent will face when wanting to grow their business beyond themselves is tough to pull off, and few could actually do it. Thanks to the help of Craig Proctor… we have. Plan, System, Model, Mentor – values and culture in alignment with all that… now open for business at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty!

Below is about as good of a checklist on this subject ever documented. Feel free to reach out to me or anyone on our team, and we’ll do a FREE no-obligation zoom meeting to see how you can copy and implement Plan, System, Model, and WHO will champion and help you along the way. Make sure to come with BIG GOALS, though.

How to Earn $1 Million in the Next 12 Months Acton Plan

First Steps Check List (all of the below systems are on Demand in the Coaching Site along with exactly what to do and how to get it done).

_____ Establish My BIG WHY!

You must have a WHY. And nothing else will do but to accomplish it… NOW! Only a BIG WHY will motivate you to go all in. Unsure of a vision for your life? Your Family, Your Future, Your Clients, Your Causes, Your Community are surely worth YOU committing to go all in.

_____ I BELIEVE I Can and Will Accomplish This!

Self-doubt is responsible for most regrets in life and the reason why most do not achieve legacy status. Lying there on your death bed, looking at the ceiling and regretting NOT taking more chances, swinging for the fences all day long, every day… commit to not being that human – NOW. Whether you believe you can or cannot accomplish success… you are right. Look around, and you will see so much success. Why them and not you? Believe YOU were made for it. Know that everyone in your family tree before you came and went for YOU to seize this moment.

_____ I Have DONE THE MATH.

You have completed the Volume Break Down Analysis. You know what is required of you daily to achieve your goal. Caution: Use the 50% rule so you do not overestimate achievement. Almost all have no clue what is really required to achieve, they underestimate the actions needed to be taken each day to accomplish the goal. Example of the 50% rule: assuming a 3.5% commission on a $250K average sale = $8750. That’s 115 sales a year = $1 Million in GCI. If you use the 50% rule in reverse engineering, you will discover that is 3 booked appts a day/6 days a week. 18 appts set, 9 happened, 4.5 signed, 2.2 closed sales a week x 52 weeks = 114.4 a year. You MUST… M-U-S-T… ensure 3 appts booked a day/6 days a week. NO ONE GOES HOME UNTIL IT IS DONE!

_____ Commit!

Can you imagine having a thriving marriage without commitment? “Hey honey, I have an idea… lets date other people while we are married… I’m sure this is a great way to improve our relationship and have an amazing marriage for life…”. Yea… uh… no. Everything that you have ever been super successful at so far required commitment. In fact, the MORE successful, you will discover it was an ALL IN commitment. Burn the ships, and the bridges and No Plan B, Failure not an option level of commitment. When you fully commit, your brain gets in gear and unlocks creative thought. If your BIG WHY above is the most important thing to you in life, you WILL commit. Lack of commitment is directly tied to a lack of vision and passion to achieve it. Go All-In! In my experience with our System, and the members over the decades, the #1 reason for failure is NOT going all in. You may have heard me call it nibbling around the edges. Commit to achieving this BIG goal because it is your DUTY to achieve your vision, no plan b, and you will see it happen much sooner than you could imagine.

_____ Implement THE Guaranteed Sale Program – Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It!*

This ensures exclusivity and differentiation. You WILL NOT EVER SEE $1 Million or more in income being like the majority, thinking like the majority, in any shape, matter or form. Since about 1% of the top 1% of agents do $1 Mil or more – that is how far away from average you must be. Delaying on the guaranteed sale program is simply delaying on accomplishing your goal – which means your WHY is not important enough to you, so go back to that. Our Guaranteed Sale Program IS the best program for home sellers and buyers ever invented and low, low risk for you. Learn it and full-on implementing it. Line up all the Millionaire agents in North America and count the numbers of them that do not run this program. Right… few and far between, like a needle in a haystack hard to find.

_____ Download Call Back Script and Appointment Qualifying Forms.

You must use the phone to get appointments. It is a business tool, your friend, a moneymaker. If you are not talking to enough people each day to meet the required appointments being set, you simply will not accomplish your goals in life. You CAN NOT AFFORD to miss opportunities. This is the BEST appointment getting script ever invented for real estate professionals. Everything ON this script leads to an offer being made, requiring actions be taken. There are 4 offers on it. You MUST know them cold and get to them quickly in the call – and effectively deal with any objections to a meeting. This is vital to your success. Once the appointment is booked, you then move to the Appointment Qualifying Forms to continue the sales process. Appointment Qualifying is different than qualifying the customer financially.

_____ Set Up the Hot Lines.

The USP Property Tree/Branded Hot Line -and- The Less Branded Hot Line, for non-threatening incoming calls, mass texting and voice broadcasting. Running offline information-based ads will not work well without directing prospects to a free – talk to no agent – hotline to request the information. Moreover, you MUST be positioned as different/exclusive, and using hotlines for prospects to get more information accomplishes this. Also, if you are not voice broadcasting and text broadcasting prospects frequently… you are not taking enough actions to achieve your goals each day. You will get more leads using the hotlines in addition to your direct lines and in addition to your landing pages. I love the Branded USP Hotline as it allows me to talk to the prospect, and they get to know me without talking to me. People are not going to do business with you until they know you are. All prospects (yes, even referrals) come with a built-in heavy dose of skepticism… and rightly so.

_____ Set Up your Custom Lead Generation Website and CRM.

How cool is it to get handed to you ALL the landing pages that correspond to ALL of our ads? And how cool is it to have the prospect land on your page, fill out the form, they AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY get the report they requested? And… how freaking cool to have that prospects data instantly hit your CRM, notifying you of what action to take now?? Oh – and having ALL of the action plans on exactly what to do, and who should do it ALL built into the CRM… super cool! 100% of your online ads will result in traffic to your website landing pages – NEVER to the home page of your website. And when a prospect hits your website, the Facebook Pixel allows a custom audience to be built. So, your social media and website landing pages work together. Your remarketing ads to the custom audiences drive the prospects back to your landing pages. And dominating the pages of Google the way you want is impossible without landing pages/blog pages/content pages. Moreover, your Contact Management System/Client Relationship Management System (CRM) is CRITICAL to actually having a business. From day one, set up the activity plans for each step in the sales process and lifetime of a customer. Your CRM will tell you and your people what to do and when to do it. Ex. You just talked to a seller prospect planning on moving in 8 months or so. You go to the CRM, find the prospect, update their contact info, set up a follow-up call for half the time they say, tag them to get your Monthly Market Watch Newsletter AND launch the Seller Prospect Direct Mail Follow Up System. This ensures they get your USP Branded Materials in their mailbox every couple of weeks. Say you list a home today… your New Listing Activity Plan will ensure you construct several ads using that property and post them in multiples of places along with every other activity of getting the house on the market and sold. A CRM is simply a big giant flow chart. As the customer flows through the pipeline, activity plans are activated at each step, telling you and your people what to do and when to do it. Your processes for doing everything, getting predictable results and peace of mind all is going according to plan!

_____ Oder USP Biz Cards, Signs, riders, and posts.

Your USP Biz card (vista print portal on the coaching site) goes in every envelope that goes out the door and is handed out to everyone you meet. It’s a race to deplete the supply daily. Don’t go cheap on the signs either. Avoiding the extra $ for the bigger upside-down L signposts AND the riders and the secondary sign/House Talk – IS A MASSIVE ERROR IN JUDGEMENT (dumb math). This is short cut thinking/middle class – majority – thinking. You MUST draw attention to yourself and your business. Shine a spotlight on the signs and house, paint the house with your USP billboard – kind of thinking is vital. Directionals pointing the way toward your signs are critical, but even the directional signs are different. The neighborhood won’t allow it? Find a workaround – never just say oh well, I can’t do it. There’s always a workaround (rent space in a neighbor’s yard for example). Trade rider on top of the signpost. Main sign with GIANT phone number. Bottom ‘Every Day Open House’ rider. Secondary sign – House Talk. Buy This Home I’ll Buy Yours Directionals.

_____ Set up Your Home Sold Guaranteed Business Page on Facebook

Correct. Change the name of your page to have the USP in front of your name: ex. Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It* – Todd Walters. This also goes for Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, and whatever else comes in the future. As well as any profiles on Realtor Sites – like and Zillow – and whatever else comes in the future. When someone googles your name, you want them to see that you show up dominating the page with the USP on the same line as your name. If not, you are being positioned as average. Commit to 5 minimum posts/videos a day on your FB and IG pages. One every hour is better. Obviously, you will be managing your paid ads and paid remarketing ads to custom audiences via your FB Ad Manager. NOTE: The space on the internet that you can control is limited to paid and what you own. The space beyond that is vast. This was a big reason I went to Your Home Sold Guaranteed as the Brokerage Name. It allowed for SEO domination. Controlling the message in all that space that is owned by others. Get it?

_____ Set Up Your Less Braded Page on FB (Free Real Estate Info).

It’s likely you will have several of these less branded pages. The Page name should match your market – ideal customer. Say I’m targeting Prospects who want to live on Lake Lanier: Free Lake Lanier Real Estate Info would work. Say I’m targeting FSBO’s in my market area. Real Estate For Sale by Owners of Hall County GA. Then commit to several posts and or videos a day on the topics – with an offer – AND run the majority of your hotlist and information based paid ads from these pages.

_____ Set up your Paid Ads on Less Branded FB page

Ads, NOT Ad. More not less. Circumventing search. You will be doing direct marketing using searched media like Google, and you will do unsearched media like Direct Mail and Ads on FB. What is laughable is an agent running one or two ads on Facebook at $150 a month and believing it will work to make them a millionaire agent. That is ok to get started to figure out how it works, then press the gas pedal on filling up your pipeline with mucho prospects, by running mucho more ads, variations of the ones that work the best. Right now, as I type this, Paid Ads on FB is just the least expensive and easiest way to get a lot of leads. But, Inexpensive and Easy typically means some other actions will be required – like lots of follow up. Please do not let this be your ONLY method for lead generation. It can be one of them, but you will need others. In fact – think in terms of 4 marketing systems as a minimum. Equate it to a foundation… like your house has at least 4 solid footings as a foundation. The chair you are sitting in has 4 legs on it, allowing you to sit comfortably and get up and go without it falling over. The chair is your business. The legs are the marketing systems. Oh… buying leads from a lead gen company IS NOT marketing, that is an abdication of marketing. Do not count buying leads from Zillow or Commissions Inc as one of the 4. On average, you will need 7 Measurable Marketing Systems for a Seven Figure Income.

_____ Customize Your Monthly Market Watch Newsletter.

Every great business has a monthly newsletter and typically more than just one. There is one or more for prospects – and- others for clients. Our Market Watch newsletter is front and back of real estate information FOR those considering buying or selling real estate. AND it positions YOU as the OWNER of this proprietary information. Every prospect generated should get this every month by email and direct mail.

_____ Fully Implement The Platinum Referral Marketing System.

We have the #1 System for Getting Referrals in the industry and possibly in business today – utilizing Cause Marketing. When you look at the checklist for this System you will see there are 13 things to implement this System fully. Sending the Monthly Homeward Bound Newsletter to your Database is just ONE of those 13. TWO big things happen to you when you go all-in on this System. 1 – you fulfill your duty of giving back to your community and 2 – you satisfy your customer’s desire that you support worthy causes. According to Cone’s Evolution Study, 93% of people wish businesses would support a cause and would tell them how they go about supporting worthy causes. Your business partnering with a worthy cause – actually investing in that cause – IS a USP. You demonstrate this early on in your presentations. You Close with it as reason to send referrals upon getting the listing/buyer agreements signed. You blog about it. You video blog about it. You direct mail about it. You email about it. You throw parties and host events about it. See the check list and go all in. This can produce up to one referral a year per client for life. This System alone can earn you over $1 Million a year in a short period of time.

_____ Download VIP Buyer Presentation and YHSGR VIP Buyer Agreements.

The call back script closes for a face to face appointment with a buyer prior to looking at houses. In order to increase transactions you must increase clients. A client is one who signed an agreement with you. Nothing in writing? Not a client so says the law. The Benefits presentation is actually a demonstration of value and benefits to the customer, an orientation to them getting what they want thru you. When you get a buyer on an agreement, they are more likely to do business with you exclusively. The agreement outlines ALL of your promises of value to them (the real estate board form does not do this). And, they know you will get paid no matter what home they buy – a FSBO, listed property, expired, etc. And you are empowered to collect on your fee vs not knowing what you will make on a sale/allowing a Listing Agent to set/cap your fee. You do not have to accept as a maximum fee what a listing agent has as a buyers agent fee in MLS. It’s is simply impossible to scale your business without full on implementation of our VIP Buyer System. You can’t be perceived as limiting a buyers selection of homes. Only emailing houses active in MLS is simply doing the average, and average is a failing formula. Steering them towards listings where the listing agent and or seller is already paying you a decent fee – IS NOT what is best for your customer – nor is it what is best for you. For me, here in GA, average sales price at $250K as I type this… we have to get 3.5% minimum on a buyer side in order to be solidly profitable and over deliver on value to the buyer. If I pay a buyers agent half, that means they are making better $ on my deals than on their own. On their own they have to invest in marketing to get business and invest time in to converting the business. And do all of the work on all ends of the transaction. Factor all that in at an average commission of 2.5%… my deal of 50% of 3.5% is better. If it is NOT better, I can’t get great sales people to come and stick. Moreover, I have to cover Marketing, Labor, Operations, Rent, etc. out of my half. This will leave me with 25% to 30% NET income on my agents work – if my average commission is 3.5% of the average selling price. Take that commission to 2.5% on an average sale here in GA and its simply NOT going work… for me or the agent and I will be forced to reduce value for the customer, lower a Buyers Agents pay, leading to loss of customers/and great sales people – and worse – ZERO back end (referrals, 5 star reviews, repeat biz). Again, no Millionaire Agent runs a business doing it the way the majority do it. Full on implement the VIP Buyer System.

_____ Download the Platinum Listing Presentation and YHSGR Listing Agreement.

It is a massive mistake to not use presentations which are really demonstrations of value and orientations to doing business with you. Even if it’s a past client or friend. Its critical to establishing authority and becoming FIRST in your prospects mind. Your friend you do not do a presentation to will form their own expectations in their mind about what you do and who you are. When at work and a co-worker brings up possibly moving, your friend will NOT mention them calling you, because YOU are positioned as their friend vs the authority on buying/selling. Your pal will say to themselves that their co-worker can simply call their agent friend. No reason to refer you – you are simply an agent – average – a friend. For my friends and family and sphere and past clients, I went out of my way to demonstrate – prove – to them I was NOT who they thought. I was THE GOD of real estate. That could only be done with demonstration (a benefits presentation is critical to this). This is how you establish the authority necessary for stick/commitment. People follow those who establish themselves as the authority on that subject. PERIOD. Sort of like you right now following Craig, Me on real estate business growth matters. As you know, I am not a fan of the real estate Board Agreements. They are NOT your friends. If you make a promise or tell a customer, you are going to do something, and it’s not in writing in the agreement… it leads to doubt and fuels skepticism. Plus, how embarrassing to tell a customer you are different than the other agents, only to pull out the same form the other 2 agents they interviewed left with them. None of your promises in writing and same form as the lesser agents. The Platinum Seller Benefits Presentation and the YHSGR Listing Agreement demonstrate fully that YOU are different, everything is in writing and overcomes many of the objections a customer may have on your fee. Cost is only a factor in the absence of value. Use the presentation and our agreements – if you are serious about YOUR big goals. Why would you on purpose fuel skepticism and doubt for a seller prospect? “Because that is how it’s done around here Todd…” you say. Not anymore, my friend, at least not for you!

_____ Launch More Ads in More Places More Often System.

Say you list a home today and there is no MLS. What would you do? Well, if you did all those things you are thinking, the results would likely be more leads… now business leads. So… go do it. Use a property to create property ads using our Property Ad Templates. These are not templates that try to sell the house in the ad – like an MLS Print out or FSBO ad. These are templates that magnetically attract a large number of prospects. In fact, you do not need any listings to do this. You can use a sold listing, a pending a coming soon, an expired or FSBO, or other agents listings. Create at least one new property ad a day following our Property Ad Templates, then post that ad in 3 to 5 places where prospects are looking. Doing this results in 15 to 25 ads running a day, in 5 days. Two weeks of this means you got at least 30 ads running. Do more of the ads that are working, modify the ones that aren’t. You can run these ads in free places and paid places. When I realized that Craig was running over 100 ads on any given day, it was a great day. I knew exactly what to do to be like him. Ex. His ads in the local Real Estate Magazine… one page had 12 property ads on it. That is NOT one ad… that is 12 ads. Facebook Market Place is a PLACE – just like the real estate magazine is/was a place. Got it? Great! Each day my marketing assistant starts by putting ads together following the templates, then places them in multiples of places… every day, every week. We meet weekly to evaluate what is working and what is not. Do more of what works, less of what does not.

_____ OMNIPRESENCE Marketing System: Video Ads/FB Live/Information Based Marketing/Blogs.

Your databases include your CRM. Your Cell phone contacts. Your email address book. Your friends and follows on social media. Its unlikely you have everyone with all their contact info in one place like your CRM. So, you will have to market across all platforms.

An example would be an editorial ad repurposed as a FB Live Video. That video downloaded to your desktop, edited for YouTube. The link to the YouTube video posted on your Social Media Pages. The links emailed and texted to your databases. This can also be done with customer’s experiences. That story wrote out, posted on social media, the links emailed/texted to your databases. This is OMNIPRESENCE. Every day, do a video – could be from an editorial ad, a classified ad, a listing, a customer experience, an interview with one of your agents or employees, a news-worthy article, a referral offer, etc. Then follow the Omnipresence system.

_____ Direct Mail to Seller Prospects

A seller prospect is anyone you know who has indicated they want to sell: those in your database, expireds and FSBO’s included. Basic direct mail would be the USP Branded Post Card. Other would be the 4 page sales letter sent every few days to expireds and FSBO’s. Lets say I’m mailing to an expired. Every few days, they are getting my USP Sales Letter… they are also getting a SLY Voice Message from me, and if I have their email address, emails as well. And they are part of a custom audience in FB seeing my remarketing ads in their newsfeed daily. The mail will work better if you are calling around it, and they see your ads on Social Media and in their email inbox. What is a listing worth? The commission check on that sale, plus all the buyers from the ads and sign calls, plus the referrals and repeat business. Its several times more than you may think provided you leverage the listing following our System.

_____ Weekend Tour of Homes System

A coming soon listing. An active Listing. Yours or others. Even an expired or FSBO. One house open for 30 mins to no more than an hour, to 6 houses on a tour open for 15 mins each. If you picked me up and put me down in any marketplace, this System would be in my top 3 to implement immediately. I would ask an agent if I could use their coming soon or active listings. And/or I would call an expired or FSBO and see if I could show their home on Sunday to more than one buyer… getting a yes, I would then ask if I could advertise it to others. If need be, I would give them the buyer who wants to buy it, and I would take the others. We have multiples of agents holding 1 to 8 houses open on a Sunday for an untraditional open house or tour of homes. It’s just what you do every weekend. This can even be done – VIRTUALLY!

_____ Google Ads and Google Business Page.

You are familiar with a paid ad on Google. I don’t know of any 7 figure income agent who does not have paid ads on Google. A prospect goes to google, searches for homes in their market area, your ads show up at the top of the page. This is how the Lead Generation Companies make their money. They take yours and run ads, generate leads, send you the leads. You don’t need to pay a lead gen company to do this. You can do it. The best ads will be free list of hard to find homes ads, with the prospect landing on a killer property that compels them to give up their contact info in return for more information. In addition, make it your business to learn about your Google Business Page. Its’ like a website hosted by Google, complete with Reviews, USP and ads.

_____ Full on Implement the Follow Up Systems.

Yes, you have to call back the leads as indicated above, but in addition to that, to improve and ensure connecting with prospects, go all in on the Follow Up Systems. Double tap calling and texting. All branded fulfillment of information requested with new offer and CTA. Email and Text to Video. Voice Broadcasting. Direct Mail to seller prospects using the Dan Kennedy Materials. Remarketing Sponsored ads on social media. Pre-Selling Systems like the BOMB and the Ultimate Converters. You will get a lot of leads with our System… a lot! But you got to get them on the phone and/or chasing you. Most do well running the ads and getting leads, but fail to understand that the Money is in the Follow Up. Follow Up IS Everything! Out follow up everyone and your cup will runneth over!

_____ Recruit Hire and Train Super Stars!

Download, read and study the Team System Manual. It is the single greatest piece of collateral to ever come out of our System. All the details on Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Managing PEOPLE – Your Team. You must learn all there is to know about OUR Team System Model. You can’t and should not be doing everything yourself. That is a recipe for diluting your effectiveness. I have never met a successful business without employees. The more successful the business the more employees. If you are reading this, you need help NOW. Be slow to hire and quick to fire, but absolutely GO FIND GREAT HELP and put them to work on implementing.

_____ Follow the Platinum Business Plan….

There’s a lot more, but above are the basics of launching into MORE Actions. And it will take more actions to accomplish this BIG goal. The Business Plan WORKS. But you have to follow it and implement. The Platinum Business Plan is a $4 Million GCI Business Plan. Full-on implement and your biz jumps to a minimum $4 Million in Gross Income ($1 Million or so net). Most who have full-on implementation are well beyond that number. There is ONLY ‘PLAN and SYSTEM’ and the more exclusive the plan/system the more important the Coaching is.

_____ Show Up for the Coaching.

Growing a business is complicated. We all want to get it right. We are here to help! Lack of growth or achievement is either the result of work ethic or clarity. Work ethic meaning you are not all in, you put efforts into other things, but not all in on achievement of your Big Why. Or – you have a clarity issue. You are not clear on exactly what to do and how to get it done. Clarity is achieved by showing up for the Coaching. ALL of it, not some of it, some of the time. All of it, all of the time. THIS IS THE SHORTCUT you are looking for. Here is the breakdown of the Coaching:

Daily Platinum 7 Minutes to 7 Figure Income video sent to your cell #.

Daily Platinum Ad of the Day video sent to your cell #.

Monday Help Line with Craig.

Tuesday Platinum Webinar with Todd.

Thursday Role Play Clinic with Craig and James.

Friday Marketing Clinic with Craig, Todd, James and Blake.

One on One Coaching with Entrepreneur Mentor.

The Monthly Master Minds.

The 3 Day Conferences.

The One Day Bootcamps.

Networking on the Private FB Page.

The Monthly Bonus Materials Package mailed to your home.

24/7 Access to every solution to every issue you face in your business at your fingertips on the Coaching Site, on Demand.

I mean… come on. Holy moly at the training. Superior to anywhere and anyone else offering; that we guarantee in writing or money back.

So… what now? Document your daily routine. If that routine (including your plan, your System, your model, your mentors/coaching – the surrounding/supporting culture) does NOT = your desired BIG GOALS being achieved… change it. Your routine = your results. The ONLY answer is disruption. Not incremental, but real change. You are not a tree, nor is your real estate license a tree. You can move, relocate, and reset. Your hopes and dreams are ready… are you?

Our Why

Commissions are disappearing: The National U.S. Average Commission in 1992 was 6.04% in 2018 under 5.0%.

A class action law suit filed by some home owners alleges that NAR, and the Big Box Brands, Realogy, HomeServices of America, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams, violate the Sherman Antitrust Act by requiring ‘buyer broker compensation’ – meaning they are making the seller fund the buyers agent/opposing council.

Who We are For

Entrepreneurial, Business Minded, Growth Oriented Real Estate Professional driven to accomplish more for themselves and their clients (Full Time Pro’s Impatient for More).

The Problems We Solve

Uncertainty of Income. Unpredictable Results. Unreliable Growth.Control of schedule.A Proven Plan, System, Mentor, Model for Growing a Business all in ONE Place.

Free Quantum Leap Executive Briefing for Real Estate Professionals: The Six Most Critical Systems to Increase Your Income by 300% or more, Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!

The Briefing reveals the six most critical systems to build a real estate business that makes your life better as well as the lives of your clients.

This executive briefing contains more than $3 million in research, 30 years of study and findings from helping thousands of agents and brokers – go from being a busy solo agent to a Super Profitable Business with Overflow of Raving Fan Clients giving you 5 Star Reviews!

The briefing is boiled down to a bullet point, fast paced, outstanding education on how to quantum leap your real estate business, not working any more hours than you are now AND without investing ANY more money than you are right now (including what you are paying for Brokerage services, for technology, for coaching and for marketing).

In this scary period of rising competition and market disruption, and you wanting to grow your business while delivering amazing value to your clients – you owe it to yourself to get this executive briefing.

Call or click for your free Quantum Leap System Briefing today. The number to call is 678-894-9744 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty


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Want to 10X Your Real Estate Business – Change Lives, Impact Your Community and Live the Life You Were Born to Live? Then Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is for you!

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  • CULTURE: Our Mission is to Positively Impact People Through Second Mile Service, Innovative Systems and Charitable Giving!
  • CHARITY: ​A Portion of Income from Every Closing is Donated to Amazing Non-Profit Charities Committed to Helping Those Who Need Help the Most!
  • APPOINTMENTS: ​Exclusive Marketing and Lead Generation System. Own Your Own Pipeline, Guaranteed Flow of Leads, Referrals and Appointments with Ready to Act Sellers and Buyers at Above Average Price Points – as many as you can handle (No Cold Calling or Grunt Prospecting).
  • LISTINGS: Get A Lot More Listings – Home of the Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program: ‘Your Home Sold Guaranteed or We’ll Buy It! Sellers WANT and LOVE It!
  • COMMISSIONS: ​Get 33% to 100% Bigger Commission Checks – Highest Earning Agents in Real Estate as a Percentage of Sale!
  • TEAM: ​Copy and Implement The #1 T.E.A.M. SYSTEM in Real Estate History So You Can Grow Your Own Super Profitable Sales Team Faster and Without Giving Up Your Personal Life to Do It.
  • SEO: ​Be #1 on SEO/Google Search Results: Your Home Sold = 2.4 Billion!
  • WEALTH: ​Accumulate Personal Wealth with Our Exclusive Real Estate Investment and Self-Employed Pension Plan.
  • SYSTEM: ​Get The BEST High Income Reduced Effort Systems, Millionaire Agent Training and Coaching in Real Estate – Including Your Very Own One on One Top 1% in the Industry Mentor So You Can Go Further Faster!
  • FUTURE: Pathway to Your Very Own Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Brokerage!
OUR AGENT GUARANTEES:Income Increase Guarantee: You Will Make at least $100,000 MORE in New Additional Income or We’ll Pay You the Difference!*Second Mile Service Guarantee: We will provide You Brokerage Services 12 hours a day 7 days a week! Your Calls and Requests for Assistance Will be Handled by a Qualified Team Member Within One Hour. GUARANTEE: If We Fail, We’ll Pay You $500 as a Penalty for Poor Service!*

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Owners, Brokers and Mentors are selling homes at the highest level – in the trenches and out front on what works and what does not – committed to helping you over-deliver on service and results!

Whether you are fresh out of college, want to pursue a new career in real estate, or an industry veteran – you will achieve higher levels of success faster at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty! We Guarantee It!

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GO SERVE BIG! When you put others first, you will never be second!

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