Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

Real Estate Agent Opportunity

Take Home $100,000 in the Next 12 Months Guaranteed or We’ll Pay You the Difference.”


Sell More Homes and Make More Money Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!

We have developed a completely unique real estate system which not only helps our agents easily earn over $100,000 a year, but also delivers exceptional service and results for our clients.

As a Real Estate Professional at YHSGR You Will:

  • Sell 2-3 Homes per WEEK like many agents on my team do right now All Customers Supplied.
  • Never ever call a cold lead again (all customers are supplied).
  • Never worry again where your next check will come from.
  • Get a Full time Admin Team assigned to handle your increase in business; Your time is actually spent working with customers VS. finding them allowing you to Increase Make more money in real estate than you ever dreamed possible.


You don’t have to be a seasoned salesperson. In fact, you could be brand new to real estate sales. The key qualities that our most successful team members have in common are:

  • An openness to new ways of doing things.
  • A burning desire to escalate their income.
  • An unquenchable desire to make theirs and others’ lives better.

The Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Difference!

  1. Income Increase Guarantee: Earn at Least $100K MORE in the Next 12 Months, or We’ll Pay You the Difference! The only Real Estate Brokerage that not only gives you the business but also Guarantees you Success. Make at least $100,000 more in 12 Months Guaranteed, or We Will Pay You The Difference!*
  2. BEST PLACE TO WORK CULTURE. Our Team System focuses on you, the Agent. Our people come first over profits. We don’t just say that but that is our mission: To elevate lives with innovative systems and charitable giving. Our vision is to be the best place to work, buy and sell real estate.
  3. The #1 Skills Training in the World! Our training program is world-renowned. Agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed earn 45% to 60% or more income per sale than the average area agent, receive more 5-star reviews than the average area agent and WIN more in multiple offers. Craig Proctor, #1 Real Estate Coach, and his Platinum Coach Todd Walters along with Coaches who have grown successful real estate businesses, coach you up to your full potential and beyond – not just to compete – but dominate!
  4. ASSOCIATION MATTERS: Mastermind and Network with Super Successful Agents Who Are Among the Top 5% in Homes Sales Per year. “If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks!” Our Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills Training and Business Building Coaching is the Best in Real Estate for Agents, and the proof is in our agents. All our agents sell more homes than 95% of agents in the business. No other broker or team can claim that! Every one of their agents sells more homes than 95% of all agents. This is not by accident or luck, this is proof this system works to build great lives for agents.
  5. GUARANTEED LISTING and BUYER APPOINTMENTS: You Will Get Guaranteed Appointments with Ready to Act Sellers and Buyers at Above Average Price Points (No Cold Calling, No Door Knocking or Begging for Referrals).
  6. Peace of Mind: Never Worry About Where Your Next Commission Check Will Come From! 95% of agents leave the business, citing they spend too much time prospecting and not enough time selling. The agents on our team spend zero time prospecting and all their time selling, so they never have to worry where their next prospect will come from.
  7. HIGHER COMMISSIONS: Get 33% to 100% Bigger Commission Checks! We are the Highest Earning Agents in Real Estate as a Percentage of Sale!
  8. Spend Your Time Selling VS Worrying or Prospecting For Your Next Sale! Spend your time on what you got in the business to do in the first place; Help People Buy and Sell Real Estate! NOT being a cold-call cowboy or living with a phone strapped to your side showing every poorly qualified Zillow lead a home just because they called the office and want to see a house.
  9. FULL-TIME Admin Assistant Will Handle All the Paperwork and Details! Focus on what you’re good at – selling homes! You get a full-time staff of trained assistants to help with the paperwork and getting the transaction closed, so you can focus on selling.
  10. MORE LISTINGS You Will Get More Listings with Our Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold Guaranteed at a Price Acceptable to You, or We’ll Buy It! If you’re ready to increase your income by 300%, Call Nathan Clark Right Now At 401-288-3557. We will set up a backstage tour to show you how our system works and answer all your questions.

Six Agent Satisfaction Guarantees:

  1. Guaranteed Flow of Buyer and Seller Appointments! Get More Than You Ever Have Before or We’ll Pay You $10,000!*
  2. The Best Training and Coaching for Agents Guaranteed! If you can find better, we will donate $10,000 to the charity of your choice*
  3. Income Increase Guarantee! Earn at Least $100,000 More This Year Over Last or We’ll Pay You the Difference!*
  4. Retirement Plan! You Will Receive a Self Employed Pension Account and a Portion of Income Received by the Brokerage on Every Closing Will Be Deposited into Your SEP!*
  5. We Donate a Portion of Our Income from Real Estate Sales to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta!
  6. Second Mile Service! Your Calls and Requests for Assistance Will be Handled Within One Hour – Guaranteed. If we fail, we’ll pay you $500 as a penalty for poor service!*

*some conditions apply.