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As an agent, I know it can be frustrating getting your social media platforms to where you want them to be. It’s like a waiting game. Checking how many followers you’ve gotten every week; tracking every single comment, follow, and like. One thing about creating content and maximizing your presence on social media is consistency. Consistency is key. A lot of the time in this business industry, it takes years and years for companies to flourish in this area and continue to spend more money than they need to on social media ads. But it’s pretty simple.

My mentor and I, Craig Proctor, a world-renowned real estate coach, talked about some tips on how he got to 11,000 followers in just six months, and it didn’t cost a thing. One of the main takeaways I took from him was “giving a little bit of useful information and then making a call to action at the end of every single video that is posted.” Doing this strategy made a huge difference in my following and increased my engagement on all my social media platforms.

In addition, leverage the people that you have around you to advertise your business. The average person has about 200 people in their sphere and 338 Facebook friends. These people are more likely to be a part of your conversations, share, and like your posts.

Now you’re probably wondering… what are you posting? This is a very common question that gets asked and we are here to provide you with an answer. The audience wants to hear a STORY. The most successful marketers are remarkable story tellers. They have a skill to create a narrative that people want to be a part of and follow.

With your Social Media, you should stick to the 80/20 rule, with 80% relating to informative content, while 20% promotes your business.

We are all about ABT here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, which means, Always Be Training; it’s imperative to have a forward-thinking approach, or you’ll be left behind.

We are also proud to be a give-back-to-the-community brokerage, and our Mission is to Positively Impact The Lives of People, Through Second Mile Service, Innovative Systems, and Charitable Giving.

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty


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