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Eight Steps to Selling Real Estate in a Lockdown (During COVID-19)!

A lot of agents have asked me how to sell real estate during this COVID-19 social distancing marketplace.

The good news is that people are buying and selling real estate, but the average agent will struggle right now. Primarily because when it gets serious, the fulltime high lid professional WILL get more of the business that is happening. Below I have laid out the SYSTEM Team Leaders at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty are following during this ‘lockdown.’

Above all, make the customer feel safe and comfortable with the process.

Tips: Always expand never contract. Always operate as if there is a recession pending, and you will be obligated to do more. Market disruptions are always temporary, innovate through them! Home Builders go out of business during recessions because they have NO lifetime customer system.

A recession always reminds you of the importance of a Back End: Referrals, Repeat, Reviews, and Resource. Also, if there is less work to do, there will be more time for learning!

Step 1:

Run Direct Response Marketing Ads that go wide (see the Ad Generator on the Coaching Site). Hot List ads and Free Report Ads. In Paid Media like Google and FB, as well as free media like Social Media Platforms, FB Market Place, Craigs List, and Email Marketing to Database, including Video Ads across all platforms.

Ex: Hot List of Craftsman Style Homes for Sale In Buford Under $400K.

Ex: How is COVID-19 Affecting the Homes Sales in Your Neighborhood? Find out what homes down the road are selling for and are not selling for?

Ex: Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Moving Up to a Bigger Home! Free report reveals…

Ex: 5 Safety Tips for Selling Your Home During a Pandemic. Free report reveals…

Step 2:

Follow Up the Leads using the Quantum Leap System Universal Follow Up Script. Make the Buyer Offer or Seller Offer as normal.

For any prospect that uses COVID-19 as a reason NOT to meet face to face (or Government invokes a stay at home policy):

‘I certainly understand. We take the safety of our customers very seriously. So we have two options right now that others are loving:

Option 1. We can do an Online meeting. You sit in front of your computer at home, and I take care of giving you X (buyer Profile or seller CMA).

Option 2. For face to face meetings, we maintain a social distance of 6 ft. Before entering your home, I put on disposable slippers and gloves. I also have a Certified Wellness Affidavit that I am not sick or experiencing any symptoms, nor is anyone in my own home.

Which option would you prefer?

CLOSE for an appropriate appointment.

Step 3.

Let the prospect know what happens next in detail.

Ex for Buyers: When we hang up, I will send you a text and email with a link to the Zoom meeting along with my contact information. At our meeting time, just click on the link and you will see me and the meeting materials.

Ex for Sellers: When we hang up, I will send you a text and email with a link to the zoom meeting along with my contact information. At our meeting time, just click on the link, and you will see me along with the meeting materials. The first thing we will do is you will walk through your home using face time or the zoom meeting if you are using a laptop and just show me your home.

Essentially a live video tour.

Step 4.

Follow up the call with System Appointment Confirmation links and recap of what the prospect will get and how.

Step 5.

Send a friendly reminder via selfie video text and email – reiterating the benefits of what they will get.

Step 6.

At the online meeting, follow the same scripts and presentations system; you would IF you were face to face. Be well prepared and have tested screen sharing your VIP Buyer or Seller Benefits Presentation.

Step 7.

Still do the write-up – but be prepared to send the agreements via DocuSign and review online while you have their attention. CLOSE for signatures (digitally).

Step 8.

For Buyers – deliver on the VIP Buyer System as usual, but set up an appointment time to LOOK at properties virtually. You show the buyer homes virtually. The virtual showing can be done via the listing agents virtual tour links or photo links – OR by appointment with the homeowner of the listing walking thru with face time/zoom that you record, then share with your client.

For Sellers – pick a future date – post date agreement – to allow buyers to come and view home following the SAFE HOUSE SYSTEM.

Or List home now as you normally would and offer to the public Virtual Showings and Previews.


Market every listing as a CERTIFIED SAFE HOUSE!

  1. Hand Sanitizer with your USP Brand on it upon entering.
  2. Disposable Slippers. Gloves. Masks. At the entrance of the property. Trash can for easy disposal upon leaving. USP brand everything/boxes with a bumper sticker.
  3. Family Wellness Certificate available upon request.
  4. Enforce social distancing.
  5. Family NOT at home when buyers come, or they step out.

YHSGR COVID-19 Protocol

Buyers Agent Showing Protocol

Discuss this protocol with your buyer client on the phone before any showings.

Explain that this is for everyone’s safety.

  • Have on hand: gloves, booties, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and small trash bags.
  • Do not allow any clients to travel in your auto.
  • Hand wipe lockbox or Supra, house key, and door lock handle before entry.
  • Wear gloves in the house.
  • Instruct your buyers not to touch anything. Tell them that’s why you’re wearing gloves so that you can assist them.
  • Open any doors needed for buyers.
  • Follow Social Distancing requirements and stay 6ft away from your buyers.
  • Don’t touch your buyers (no handshakes).
  • Don’t touch your face at any time with your gloves on.
  • After securing home and placing the key in the lockbox – remove gloves, place in a trash bag, and use hand sanitizer.

Listing Agent Showing Protocol

Discuss this protocol with your client after the Listing Agreement is signed.

Explain that this is for everyone’s safety.

Before showings seller to do the following:

  • Open all bedroom and closet doors.
  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Be certain GTR’s showing instructions are on easel close to the front entry
  • If the seller is home during showing:
    • Please follow Social Distancing requirements remaining a minimum of 6ft away from all visitors.
    • Don’t touch any visitors (no handshakes).
  • If possible, seller to have on hand: gloves, booties, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and small trash bags.

Suggested Agent COVID Prevention Kit

  • 50 pairs of booties
  • 50 pairs of gloves
  • A container of 50 wipes with 70% Alcohol
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 25 small trash bags

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