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  • Coaching and Training with Craig Proctor, Todd Walters and Millionaire Agents on exactly what to do and what not to do to go from top producer to a sales team business that works for you rather than you working for it!
  • You Get an Exclusive System for Getting an Overflow of Great Buyers and Sellers:
  • Guaranteed Leads, Referrals and Appointments with Ready to Act Sellers and Buyers as Many as You Can Skillfully Handle (No Cold Calling, No Door Knocking, No Begging for Referrals. No Expensive Advertising Needed).
  • ​You Get an Exclusive System for Converting Prospects to Clients at 33% to 100% Bigger Commission Checks than the Average Area Agent: #1 Inside Sales Agent Department, Scripts, Presentations and Zero Resistance Listing and Buyer Agreements!
  • You Get More Listings with Our Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold Guaranteed at a Price Acceptable to You or We’ll Buy It!*
  • You Will Earn up to 50% More Extra Income on Sales from the Mortgage Side Too!*
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  • You Will Accumulate More Personal Wealth Faster with Our Exclusive Real Estate Investment System and Self-Employed Pension Plan.
  • Your Paperwork and Transactions will be Handled by Our Professional Admin Services Team So You Can Spend More Time Selling and Pursuing Outside Interests!
  • You and Your Team Members Get the BEST Sales, Negotiating and Closing Skills Training in Real Estate So You Can Help More People, In Less Time and With Less Effort!
  • ​You Get a Pathway to Your Very Own Super Profitable Real Estate Brokerage!

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